MT vs BB & ECGD on MTP

NEWS: Oxford Research Group and Saferworld identify that the ECGD supports arm sales exports by £227m of taxpayer money.

NEWS: Richard Caborn (the one who wants Mark's dirt) has become the Minister of Sport... snigger.

NEWS: Mark and other members of the Ilisu Dam campaign recently had a day out at the Balfour Beatty AGM. Check out the Ilisu dam site to find out what happened.

Balfour Beatty - a nice company to do business with.

Balfour Beatty, one of Britain's biggest civil engineering companies, has had several run-ins with the authorities in recent years.

In 1997, at a Department of Trade reception, a man identified as chairman of construction company Balfour Beatty, 'announced with enormous pride that he personally had handed over the cheque to the government minister for the Pergau dam bribe' in Malaysia.

Balfour Beatty later complained about this - though did not deny the allegation.

Their Massachusetts offices were raided in June by the FBI as part of an inquiry into rail modernisation in Boston and it was fined £1.2m following the collapse of tunnels during construction at Heathrow. Balfour Beatty are also one of the lead players in the Ilisu Dam scheme.

ECGD - want some money?

The government's export credit guarantee department (ECGD) operates as insurance for British exporters involved in risky export projects. It guarantees that if a foreign country defaults on paying for British goods the government will recompense the exporter.

Last year, more than 50% of ECGD cover supported arms sales.

In December 1999, Mr Blair controversially allowed an export credit guarantee to be issued to underwrite Balfour Beatty's building of a hotly disputed Turkish dam, which will flood 52 Kurdish villages and 15 towns. The chancellor, Gordon Brown, has announced that the Treasury would ban export credits for arms sales to 63 of the world's poorest countries. These include Bolivia, Mozambique, Afghanistan and Sri Lanka, as well as countries embroiled in wars, such as Sierra Leone and Ethiopia. While these moves appear to discourage British arms exporters and bad debt, the Campaign Against the Arms Trade argues that the government has not gone far enough. It says that, with the exception of Sri Lanka, none of the countries listed are big customers of the UK arms trade.

The ECGD are still pushing ahead with projects with dodgy ethical and environmental standards.



Digging up Dirt -Richard Caborn's attempted smear campaign against MT - read the Read the full BBC and "Guardian" reports.

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